Current Meet Up

Dating in 2018: I'm Tryna See Something...


August 25th from 1pm-3pm

Werewolf Coffee Bar

1765 N Elston Avenue

Chicago, Illinois 60642


From what I hear dating is trash these days (more so than the past). Whether it be because of changes in societal expectations, added openness when it comes to sexual orientation|gender identity|etc. (though we still have lots of room for growth; esp in communities of color), and the added openness of non-monogamous relationships (poly and open relationships).

So what’s the problem? Has it been your experience that your degrees have hindered your ability to find a partner? Has your career (because people think psych folks can read minds or some shit)? How do you approach these discussions with clients? Esp. if it’s a parallel process? How does this change your work with clients?

Whether you’re coupled or single, let’s dialogue about the state of dating in 2018+, support each other, and maybe figure some shit out.

You know the drill: Streamed live on CoffeeHourChicago and then LeilaEllisNelsonPsyD on IG when it times out.

Funny videos (yes these are male focused, and I know women, and non-binary folks, can be just as bad too):