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July 27th 12-1:30ish


Did Tommy Really Have A Job? Asking for Martin…


It's no secret that we all have more than one "job" (often no quotations needed, because that's just reality). The issue is that this isn't regularly spoken about while we're in school, and lots of us graduate with the realization that our chosen setting of employment may not provide us the necessary financial resources to sustain our lifestyles, or may not give us what we need to feel holistically fulfilled professionally....hell, sometimes both.

Well, this is an opportunity for us to discuss the balance of multiple employment, to network around finding other opportunities to support ourselves, and to talk about how many lanes our degrees can take us in.

I work in higher ed, my practice, I'm an adjunct, and i do a lot of other shit on the side...I know I'm not the only one, but it often felt like an isolated process when i was figuring out that being a therapist was just not gonna cut it.

So let's eat, chill, talk about this further, maybe offer each other a professional hook up in the process, and do what we've always each other.

Meet us at:

Beatrix Market | Fulton Market Location
834 W Fulton Market
Saturday, July 27th from 12pm until 1:30ish

Peace & Chicken Grease,



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