Current Meet Up

Issa Meme: What are you Talmbout?


February 16th from 11-1

2635 S. Wabash

Suite 305

Chicago, Illinois 60616


Communication patters shift with every generation and aren't always culturally contained. The long and short of it is that we are social beings, and one way we communicate these days is through memes. I've literally had entire conversations in group chat just using memes from the interwebs to get our points across.

However, what do you do when you're not up on the references? How does this impact your ability to adequately communicate in your personal and professional life? Does this impact your client's ability to connect and communicate with you in a meaningful way?

Let's get together for our first Coffee Hour meet up of 2019 and figure out how to better communicate using modern pop culture references (in this case memes, AAVE, and other alternative linguistics) in our professional and personal lives.

Saturday, February 16th

2635 S. Wabash
Suite 305
Chicago IL 60616

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