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Leila Ellis-Nelson, Psy. D.

Dr. Ellis-Nelson graduated from The University of Toledo in 2009 with her Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology, her Master’s of Clinical Counseling from The Chicago School of Professional Psychology in 2012, and her doctorate in Clinical Psychology in 2015 from The Chicago School. Her training was completed with a diverse clientele throughout various settings including Kennedy King College, Northwestern University, Bowling Green State University, Harper College, and Ada S. McKinley Behavioral Health Services. Some of her professional interests include the influence of societal norms on the ability of cultural minorities to pursue and obtain advanced degrees, consultation, mentorship, outreach, competent diagnostics|assessment of new and recurring clients, kink culture, the destigmatization of mental illness, the ways in which individuals adapt to the changes associated with college life, and developing individualism. Her passion for these areas is evident in her dissertation, The Effects of Internalized Racism and Family Values on Higher Education Degree Attainment for African Americans, which focused on the disparities in sociopolitical, familial and academic support that many African American children and young adults face.

her work orients within a Geek Therapy, Systems, Reality Therapy, and Interpersonal Process Therapy lens. Each specialization speaks to her openness to meet clients where they are in the moment, and help them actualize their fullest potential throughout the course of therapy or consultation. Her consultation work is individually tailored to the clients needs, and is specifically packaged to meet both micro and macro goals established early on in the planning and development stage. The same can be said for diagnostics, as each assessment is carefully crafted to garner better understanding of the whole person in context; providing recommendations for the systems in which they live. Her love for helping others shows through her eagerness to help others become the best versions of themselves, and her enthusiasm for helping shape early career and graduate level trainees is a passion that guides her through supervision of others, the Coffee Hour Chicago initiative, consultation for professional development purposes, and her desire to build a community of inclusiveness.


William Moore, B.A.

Mr. Moore is a graduate of Davenport University and Oakland Community college, where he earned his Bachelor's in Finance and Associate's in Business Management, respectively. He has worked to assist small businesses in their drive towards financial security, and has worked with them directly to develop strong business models that serve to promote the holistic growth of those enterprises, and provide high quality services to their communities. Mr. Moore is responsible for ensuring that Changing Perspectives, and Coffee Hour Chicago, remain in good standing within the community. He works diligently to assist the practice members with the scheduling of events, providing logistical support, and working collaboratively with community partners to bring Changing Perspectives to professional and consumer development events aimed towards decreasing the stigma against mental illness, and the provision of services to underserved populations.

Additionally, Mr. Moore's passion lies within assisting underserved community members in meeting their financial literacy goals, wealth management, and working with Changing Perspectives to help bridge the gaps between the fields of mental health and wellness and business. His work as a staff accountant for a fortune 500 institution in the greater Chicago area has provided him with the added know-how of creating healthy business contacts, and dealing with the more nuanced areas of business that would allow the practice to maintain its success. For business inquiries, please use our contact section in order to allow Mr. Moore to assist you with beginning a professional relationship with Changing Perspectives and/or Coffee Hour Chicago.

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Marcus Smith, LCPC

Mr. Smith is a graduate of The Chicago School of Professional Psychology's Master in Clinical Counseling program in 2011. He's currently working as a licensed clinical professional counselor. His clinical and advocacy experience show a strong passion for working with under served populations and families through a trauma focused lens.  His theoretical approach shows great influence through CBT, Existentialism, & experiential interventions in treatment. From residential, psychiatric to private practice settings he has been able to specialize in LGBTQ identity and supportive therapy, grief counseling, spirituality, anxiety disorders, anger management and mindfulness. Practicing at various settings has provided him with countless opportunities to work with a diverse clientele on the spectrum of wellness. He's a dedicated advocate to marginalized communities, and works diligently to ensure that all of his clients are treated with dignity, respect, and care.

As a founding member of Changing Perspectives, his work focuses on individual, couples, family, and group therapy. His dynamic personality brings light and joy to the monthly Coffee Hour Chicago MeetUp in which participants can work together to discuss their experiences as mental health clinicians and helping professionals of color. He will also be working towards building outreach and community based interventions aimed at the destigmatization of mental illness within all communities, and will be actively participating in consultation meetings as a specialist with families looking to build healthier bonds within their unit.