There are three major components of Changing Perspectives: consultation, psychological evaluation and treatment, and outreach. The philosophy of treatment recognizes the holistic nature of the individual experience, and how it affects consumers on multiple levels. This includes the mind-body connection, cultural implications, spirituality, and the physical and mental well-being of our clients both individually and globally.

·         Coming Soon Psychological Evaluation - Diagnostically determining whether a diagnosis is appropriate based on the presenting concerns. Determined using empirically tested and approved psychological assessments, scoring, and the interpretation of data. Testing is scheduled as needed and by request. Each assessment includes a 1.5 hour diagnostic interview, and a 1 hour feedback session detailing the results and any treatment recommendations.

·         Consultation - Allows consumers, clinicians, and community members the opportunity to meet with members of our staff for a multitude of reasons: ensuring APA ethical and Illinois legal compliance, career planning, client preparation, client concerns, case presentations, application preparation, and other services not limited to the aforementioned. Consultation appointments are scheduled on the hour and last approximately 50 minutes.

·         Outreach - Outreach|Workshops|Community Intervention are synonymous for activities involving a group of individuals on any specific topic. Outreaches of specific topics can be requested, and staff will determine whether the need can be met through the practice. Outreach opportunities currently available include: Mindfulness training, Peak Performance training, Sleep Health, Success Strategies, Relaxation Techniques, Biofeedback, Question-Persuade-Refer (QPR) Suicide Prevention Training, Career Development, Trainee Support (Interns, Externs, and Post-Docs), and monthly Coffee Hour Chicago Meet Ups.

·         Therapeutic Services (Individual, Couples, and Group) - Individual and Couples sessions are scheduled using the therapeutic hour system (i.e., 45-50 minutes hour). Appointments not canceled within 24 hours of their scheduled time will be billed in full. Group sessions are based on the Yalom Process Group Model and last 1.5 hours, once per week for 12 weeks.

·         Support Services - Includes, but is not limited to, case management, billing, coding, interpretation of notes and materials, research, and client preparation. These services are not billed with the exception of time spent in preparation for psychological assessment and diagnostics.

Soon-To-Be Available Groups

  • Mindfulness Meditation Group
  • Managing Anger and Frustration
  • Group Therapy
  • Support Groups